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VENUS - DIVINE ALCHEMIST holistic spray 100 ml

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VENUS - DIVINE ALCHEMIST holistic spray 100 ml
VENUS - DIVINE ALCHEMIST holistic spray 100 ml
VENUS - DIVINE ALCHEMIST holistic spray 100 ml
VENUS - DIVINE ALCHEMIST holistic spray 100 ml

Ascended Master Lady Venus (Twin Flame of Sanat Kumara), and Venus Goddess of Love, has co-created this vibrational essence to align you with the frequency of the alchemical honey of the Divine Feminine.  Created in conjunction with Venus' planetary exaltation in Libra, it provides the following key energies:

  • balance, harmony and proportion
  • self love, seeing the inner beauty
  • strengthening the bonds of romantic relationships
  • style, attractiveness, personal charm and charisma
  • inner peace, joy and humour
  • amorous pleasure
  • social and artistic abilities
  • an antidote to a broken heart
  • mental clarity, inspiration, imagination, creativity
  • it is stimulating, energising, empowering

Divine Love is the elixir that flows from deep within, and never runs out. It has the power to heal, across all dimensions of time and space.

Bespoke Crystal Essence
Colour ray - Mauve
Essential oils - West Indian Sandalwood, Damask Rose, Juniper berry and a secret ingredient!

This essence also has Activation Frequencies for Starseeds and Highly Creative Souls of the New Earth.  Alchemists, Artists, Singers/Songwriters/Musicians, Writers, Designers, Healers

For the most expansive experience, use with conscious intention.

Note:  This spray contains alcohol to preserve and extract the essence.  This alcohol has been alchemised so it is not detected by the human senses.

Channeled meaning:

You are a Divine Alchemist!

Seek and you will find.
What is within, can also be created without - grand and glorious stories to be written for the future - consciousness continually expanding.

New songs, new lines, blending the principles of the ancients, yet expressed in new ways - new ways of being, believing, creating and manifesting.

You are the ones who lead the way for the future - the journey, the freedom, and expression of unlimited potential of the Human Soul, the Soul of the World, expressing itself as never before.

Experiences so deep, so beautiful, so full of love.... the unlimited ways that unconditional love can be felt, heard, seen, and embodied, for the joy and interest of the experience.

Create from your heart, unleash the potential of limitlessness of your Being.  This is your shine - a myriad of light frequencies never known before.  New light upon our Earth feeding the glorious creations of all.  See not with your eyes, but with the essence of your Divine Heart and Soul.

You have it all - your unique frequency contributes the unique colour and tones for the New Earth - the New Humanity.

This is why you are here, this is who you came to be.  You are a Master of Light and Colour and Sound.  Beam forth brightly.  Sing your soul song for your pleasure, sing your song for the Whole.

You are One with all that ever was
You are One with all that is yet to be
WE are One in this glorious moment of co-creation, and all this exists, now, now now.

And so it is
- Lady Venus

Channeled by Helene Beks  - 29 May 2018
Copyright Helene Beks - Heavenly Earth Projects 2018

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