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TRINITY TRAVEL SET aromatherapy sprays

Regular price $89.00
TRINITY TRAVEL SET aromatherapy sprays
TRINITY TRAVEL SET aromatherapy sprays
TRINITY TRAVEL SET aromatherapy sprays
TRINITY TRAVEL SET aromatherapy sprays
TRINITY TRAVEL SET aromatherapy sprays
TRINITY TRAVEL SET aromatherapy sprays

Limited Edition               Trinity Travel Set

Designed with the traveller in mind, this Trinity set is presented in clear, lightweight, PET pharmaceutical plastic bottles, with atomisers.  Each bottle is 50mls and suitable for Customs clearance in your hand luggage.  Packaged in a cotton calico draw-string bag, it will also fit snuggly into your luggage or glove box for that special holiday road-trip.

Helping you enjoy the journey...

PROTECT aura spray

Bless your Journey.  Breeze through your journey with ease and arrive at your destination safely and feeling refreshed.  This aura spray will help protect your energy field from the negative vibes of crowds, airports, and electromagnetic frequencies.  It will also ground you when you are feeling disconnected from the earth.  Its Divine Alchemy will help the synchronicities to show and your journey will flow.  Bon Voyage!

With pure, ethical essential oils of lavender spike, basil, rosemary, pine, lemon, eucalyptus, clove, and a secret ingredient!

CALM aura spray  (suitable for children and babies)

Ease your stress and anxiety, and return to calm.  Comforting and soothing, this spray invokes peace, and harmony, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.  Infused with the essence of rose quartz, you will feel the love! 

With pure, ethical essential oils of roman chamomile, French lavender and damask rose, this gentle spray is suitable for babies and children.

CHAKRA aura spray

Ten chakras, one spray!  This incredible ‘multi-tool’ aligns your chakras from the Earth Star chakra below your feet, right up to your Soul Star chakra above your head!  It also includes the important Alta Major chakra located at the base of your skull.  Use with intention to cleanse, harmonise and rebalance your energy once you arrive at your destination.  Wellbeing Plus!   

With pure, ethical essential oils of frankincense, may chang, and a secret ingredient!

This Special Edition set of three is worth $84  
Our Traveller Special price to you is just $59 per set.

 It’s not just the aromatherapy that matters!  Did you know that all our sprays are Vibrational, and harness the power of the Divine Source for your highest good?  They immediately shift your vibration. This is the art of Divine Alchemy. - HellyB


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