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METATRON - DIVINE MATRIX holistic spray 100 ml

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METATRON - DIVINE MATRIX holistic spray 100 ml
METATRON - DIVINE MATRIX holistic spray 100 ml
METATRON - DIVINE MATRIX holistic spray 100 ml
METATRON - DIVINE MATRIX holistic spray 100 ml

PURPOSE: To ground and bridge/access the Christ Consciousness and Crystalline Matrix of the New Earth.

Metatron - Divine Matrix ..... to draw the Sovereign light in from the Central Sun and reconnect you firmly with the pure, organic, TRUE Divine matrix of the 5D New Earth Consciousness.

Discover your brilliance. Detach from the falsehood of the control matrix and false white light, and rediscover your authenticity. This powerful vibration from Metatron banishes your fear of greatness and allows you to effortlessly shine with Divine brilliance. 

It truly is sparkling with light and carries the groundedness of sacred geometry. Science meets spirituality. 

CRYSTAL essence: Gateway ruby 
ESSENTIAL oils: Clove and vetiver
CHAKRAS: Earth Star, Base, Crown
Colour ray: Brilliance
SONG: 'Anthem' Neil Diamond... Jonathon Livingston Seagull.
"Transcend, Purify, Glorious.....Sanctus, Kyrie, Gloria, Holy, Holy, Holy"

HOW to USE:  Always use this vibrational spray with sacred INTENTION and reverence, as you are inviting Archangel Metatron into your space. 

Spray in your aura, during meditation, and/or to allow him to work directly through you: 
1. Spray three times into palm of left hand and rub palms together in clockwise direction to activate hand chakras.

2. Place hands on heartspace and say " I AM a Divine aspect of this Divine Being, Metatron'.... breathe.

3. Use in meditation or healing work or to simply clear the Control Matrix from your daily vibe.  Particularly helpful if you are required to work in a Corporate or Government environment.  This spray invokes AUTHENTICITY.

Channeled message from Metatron:

Discover your brilliance.  IAM what you seek.  Pure Divinity, truth, purity of consciousness, authenticity, freedom from the Control Matrix and the lower vibrational energies that it harbours.

Step away from the false gurus - you are your own guru.  No other is higher than you or greater than you.

Step away from the illusion of fear and control, of systems and invisible forces that dictate your life and limit your freedom.

Step away from the trickery of the false white light and false ascension matrix, that keeps you stuck in poverty consciousness, competition, inauthenticity, and the desire to sacrifice yourself for others to feel your own worthiness.

Take my hand and step into your true authentic power, and discover  your brilliance.  Bathe in the brilliant light of true, organic Source energy, and allow it to illuminate your mind, body, and soul.  Allow its brilliance to fill every cell in your body. Feel the truth of who you are - feel the authentic truth of the pure God Source and be a key component in the true, New Earth Matrix.  Feel this reflected light of your Divine Soul and I AM Presence.

Pour this brilliance into every thought, every act, every place you Be and walk.  Spread this brilliant Divine Light to everyone you meet, simply by allowing it to beam forth from your very Being. 

Integrate this brilliance into your creations, your music, art, song, dance, writing, spoken word, sleep, food..... every aspect of your Being.

You are this Divine Design - this miracle of Sacred Geometry - a brilliant construction of Light.  Go forth and be this Light.
- I Am Archangel Metatron.  It is my pleasure to serve you in Love today.

Channeled by Helene Beks 29/7/2018 1:13 pm
©2018 Helene Beks - Heavenly Earth Projects

NOTE: this spray contains a small amount of alcohol to preserve and extract the essence.  It has been alchemised to be undetected by the human senses.



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