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MELCHIZEDEK - GOLD holistic spray 100 ml

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MELCHIZEDEK - GOLD holistic spray 100 ml
MELCHIZEDEK - GOLD holistic spray 100 ml
MELCHIZEDEK - GOLD holistic spray 100 ml
MELCHIZEDEK - GOLD holistic spray 100 ml

For the most expansive experience, use with conscious intention.

PURPOSE: Ascension Activation.  Ground and amplify your Sovereign Light, and bring abundance into all aspects of your Spiritual self, and your work.  Builds the spiritual foundation for the expansion of your Soul, and that of your clients.  Use in addition to other vibrational sprays to amplify their light even further.  It strengthens and grows the Light Body.  Use before doing healing work, energy work, and holistic modality.

KEY FREQUENCIES:  Abundance, 11/11, Diamond Light, Lightning, Sovereign Gold ray, Christ Light, Full Moon energies, relaxes, soothes fear and anxiety, refreshes and stimulates, provides clarity and concentration, improves creativity

CRYSTAL essence: Activated clear quartz cluster, gold 
ESSENTIAL oils: Frankincense, myrrh, and a secret ingredient!
RESONANT MELODY: 'Oneness' - Terry Oldfield

HOW to USE:  Always use this vibrational spray with sacred INTENTION and reverence, as you are inviting Melchizedek into your space. 

Spray in your aura, during meditation, and/or allow him to work directly through you:  
1.spray three times into palm of left hand and rub palms together in clockwise direction to activate hand chakras.
2. place hands on heartspace and say " I AM a Divine aspect of this Divine Being, Melchizedek'.... breathe.

Channeled message from Melchizedek:

I AM Melchizedek.  I AM the One who speaks.

You are naturally abundant because you are a spark of the Divine.  You are pure gold, sovereign, gifted with everything you could ever want to be, have, experience.

Allow me to expand your sovereign light, and remove the veil which has concealed your wealth.  Allow me to give you the key to your treasure chest, so that you can find the treasures that lay deep within your heart and soul.

Divine creation is naturally abundant, and it is your birthright that you also be abundant in all things that you seek...

...abundant joy, happiness, satisfaction, passion for your purpose, divine gifts and skills, health and well-being, wealth, love, life experience, opportunity and expansion.

Whatever you seek, I will expand.  Ask and you shall receive.  Do the work with pleasure, walk your talk, have unswerving faith in Source and Self, enjoy the journey, and seek your outcomes with the gift of miracle consciousness. 

There is a lesson to be revealed in everything you seek... this is the gift of abundance.  Beneath the pain and frustration is the abundance - the golden key.   Surrender to all that causes you pain and be grateful for your sorrow.  Ask for my help, follow your guidance, and the miracle of abundance appears.

Always keep your eye on the gold.

- It is so, for it is I, Melchizedek.  I AM the One who speaks.

Channeled by Helene Beks 29/7/2018 
©2018 Helene Beks - Heavenly Earth Projects

NOTE: this spray contains a small amount of alcohol to preserve and extract the essence.  It has been alchemised to be undetected by the human senses.

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