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GAIA - HEAVENLY EARTH holistic spray 100 ml

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GAIA - HEAVENLY EARTH holistic spray 100 ml
GAIA - HEAVENLY EARTH holistic spray 100 ml
GAIA - HEAVENLY EARTH holistic spray 100 ml
GAIA - HEAVENLY EARTH holistic spray 100 ml

Ground to the Heart of the Earth.  Replenish and restore your physical and holistic health and happiness.  Ground your IAM presence.  Return to your Divine Blueprint.  Heaven meets Earth within the Human Soul.  Access all Beings of Light, all answers lie within.

For the most expansive experience, use with conscious intention

Crystal: Gaia Stone
Colour ray:  Iridescent green
Essential Oils:  Vetiver, Frankincense, Cedar, Juniper, Palo Santo, Ylang Ylang and a secret ingredient!
Frequencies: access to your Divine Blueprint, Akashic Records, New Earth consciousness, Oneness, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, IAM presence, Unity Consciousness, 5th  - 18th dimension, Diamond Light codes, star light, moon light, solar light, connect with all Beings of Light, Sacred Geometry
Additional attributes: set new seeds of intention, access healing information for self, others, animal kingdom and the environment, access the natural high/euphoria of the God Source, stability/groundedness, softness and patience, stillness, rhythm of the natural cycles of creation, layers and stages of growth, rebirth/regeneration/refreshment of the physical body, mind and heart, new Earth co-creation, environmental consciousness.

Channeled message from GAIA and the Cosmos:

WE, the Beings of Light, connect with you now, as you desire.  WE are:

Galactic and Earthy,
of the stars and the seas,
of the moon and the mountains,
and of every space and dimension in between.

Let your imagination soar - allow your view of the spectacular Universe join you in Sovereignty and dazzling reality on planet Earth.

Ground the Light of the Stars into your very Being and re-design your experience on Earth.
Connect with your Sovereign Mother, Gaia, and renew and refresh her sparkle.  In doing so, you renew and refresh your physical health and YOUR inner shine.

Feel the bliss of Oneness, your Divine Masculine, your sense of survival, your rightful place upon the Planet.  Sit in bliss, and meditation, safe upon this New Earth. 

Listen to Her wisdom, her secrets, her history, her potential.  For You are She - Gaia, and She is You.

You are loved beyond measure, across all dimensions of Heaven and Earth.  Be that Diamond Love.

- Gaia, and the Cosmic Beings of Light, via Archangel Raphael.

Channeled by Helene Beks 04/06/2018
©2018 Helene Beks - Heavenly Earth Projects

Note:  This spray contains alcohol to preserve and extract the essence.  This alcohol has been alchemised so it is not detected by the human senses.

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