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BLOSSOM aura spray 100 ml

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BLOSSOM aura spray 100 ml
BLOSSOM aura spray 100 ml
BLOSSOM aura spray 100 ml
BLOSSOM aura spray 100 ml

Revitalise your SELF LOVE, and BLOSSOM!  

Our new BLOSSOM spray allows the new you to blossom and grow, according to the natural flow of Source Energy.... with joy and childlike wonder, and without effort. With the guidance of Mary Magdalene, and Michael Jackson song-lines, its purpose is to revive your inner child, connect to your fun, easy-going, enthusiastic nature and allow the renewal and rebirth of your Being.

It is also particularly helpful for sensitive teens and adults who experience low self-esteem, loneliness, despair, sadness, for no apparent reason. It helps to heal the relationship with self, and nourish and nurture the Inner Child.    

Bespoke Crystal Essence - flame aura quartz
Colour ray - watermelon pink
Essential oils - jasmine, rose geranium, and a secret ingredient!
Key Frequencies - softness, gentleness, compassion, self-acceptance, kindness, healing, understanding, renewal, rebirth, spring.

For the most expansive experience, use with conscious intention.

Note:  This spray contains alcohol to preserve and extract the essence.  This alcohol has been alchemised so it is not detected by the human senses.

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