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ARCHANGELS - SACRED SPACE activation spray 100 ml

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ARCHANGELS - SACRED SPACE activation spray 100 ml
ARCHANGELS - SACRED SPACE activation spray 100 ml
ARCHANGELS - SACRED SPACE activation spray 100 ml
ARCHANGELS - SACRED SPACE activation spray 100 ml

For the most expansive experience, use with conscious intention. Spray in practice room, on bed, and on hands before conducting a healing session.  Use to prepare meditation or teaching space prior to group sessions.  Spray around home altar before daily ritual, and on hands before doing any writing, drawing channeling or creative and sacred work.

Archangels - Sacred Space ensures your work is conducted with the highest level of integrity and allows you to access the pathways, channels, records, gateways and ascension activations needed for the work you are doing.  It is sentient and bespoke, and will automatically adapt to what you and your client require, at that time.  It automatically closes down all these pathways, portals and gateways at the completion of your session.

This spray automatically invokes the following Archangels, for all directions of the horizontal plan and the elements:

*Archangel RAPHAEL - to the EAST, Archangel of AIR, Symbol the Caduceus, invokes Emerald Green Fire
*Archangel MICHAEL - to the SOUTH, Archangel of FIRE, Symbol is the Silver Sword of Light, invokes Electric Blue Fire
*Archangel GABRIEL - to the WEST, Archangel of WATER, Symbol is the Silver Chalice, invokes Diamond White Fire
*Archangel URIEL - to the NORTH, Archangel of EARTH, symbol is 5-pointed star in a circle of light, invokes Ruby Red Fire

In addition, the spray invokes Divine Protection, Divine Guidance, Divine Healing, Divine Science, Divine Truth and relevant Ascension Energies for the highest possible outcome.  It opens the connection to the Divine Soul Counterpart (Twin Flame) and your own/client's Soul Group, if requested.

Crystal Essence - programmed clear quartz pyramid
Essential oils: frankincense, cedar, juniper, myrrh, palo santo, nutmeg, and a secret ingredient
Colour ray - Diamond

Note:  This spray contains alcohol to preserve and extract the essence.  This alcohol has been alchemised so it is not detected by the human senses.

It’s not just the aromatherapy that matters!  Did you know that all our sprays are Vibrational, and harness the power of the Divine Source for your highest good?  They immediately shift your vibration. This is the art of Divine Alchemy. - HellyB


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