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CHAKRA vibrational essence

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CHAKRA vibrational essence
CHAKRA vibrational essence
CHAKRA vibrational essence
CHAKRA vibrational essence

11 chakras, one spray!

Enhance your well-being, and lift your vibration.

This incredible ‘multi-tool’ aligns your chakras from the Earth Star chakra below your feet, right up to your Soul Star chakra above your head!  It also includes the important Alta Major chakra located at the base of your skull.  Use with intention to harmonise and rebalance your energy matrix, your Yin and Yang, and to align with Sovereign Source.  Wellbeing Plus!

For personal or therapist use.  

With pure, ethical essential oils of frankincense, may chang, and a secret ingredient!

Special Edition: presented in a 50 ml frosted glass bottle with atomiser – 50 ml  

 It’s not just the aromatherapy that matters!  Did you know that all our sprays are Vibrational, and harness the power of the Divine Source for your highest good?  They immediately shift your vibration. This is the art of Divine Alchemy. - HellyB

Key metaphysical benefits, when used with specific intention:

  • alignment, balance and protection of the following chakras:  Earth Star, Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, higher Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Alta Major, Crown, Soul Star.
  • integration of ascension activations and new light codes, and information
  • harmonisation of the energy systems of the body (Alta Major chakra at base of skull)
  • quietly allow a few minutes for the process to occur
  • use prior to meditation
  • use any time you are feeling sensitive to environmental energies, or the lower vibrations of others
  • use to clear negative thoughts of your own, as they negatively affect your chakras

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