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Therapist Space

This range of Ascension Activation sprays are specifically designed for Complementary Therapists, and Soul Seekers, to enhance the Practitioner/client experience, AND allow the soul seeker to 'Be Your Own Guru' on your personal ascension path.

Currently professionally used by Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Kinesiologist, Massage Therapist, Energy Healers, Forensic Healer, Pellowah Master, Meditation Teacher, Psychic Mediums, Alchemists, Professional Singer/Composer, Crystal Therapist, Creative Artists.

When used with conscious intention, not only do they directly connect you with, and allow you to channel the energy of the specific Ascended Master, they also expand/activate/embed codes of light within the DNA.  They are sentient and deliver what is required at the time.  Co-created with the Ascended Masters, their Divine Source power expands consciousness, elevates vibrational frequencies and accelerates the ascension path.

Please note:  Aromatherapy products are a complementary therapy, but are not a substitute for conventional medicine.  See your medical Practitioner if you are ill.