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ANGEL AURA activation spray 100 ml

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ANGEL AURA activation spray 100 ml
ANGEL AURA activation spray 100 ml
ANGEL AURA activation spray 100 ml
ANGEL AURA activation spray 100 ml

Fill your space with joy and lightness of being.

Divinely aromatic to invoke feelings of comfort and joy, faith and forgiveness, and infused with crystal vibrations and angelic frequencies to bless and uplift your home.

With a warm, spicy aroma, you can use this spray all year round for meditation, to immediately shift your frequency to a higher vibration, and  to uplift your sense of well-being.  You can spray on bed-linen and also use as your personal signature fragrance, while also uplifting your vibration.  You are an Earth Angel!

Bespoke Crystal Essence - angel aura quartz
Colour ray - iridescence
Essential oils: clove, nutmeg, lemongrass and a secret ingredient

For the most expansive experience, use with conscious intention.

Note:  This spray contains alcohol to preserve and extract the essence.  This alcohol has been alchemised so it is not detected by the human senses.

It’s not just the aromatherapy that matters!  Did you know that all our sprays are Vibrational, and harness the power of the Divine Source for your highest good?  They immediately shift your vibration. This is the art of Divine Alchemy. - HellyB

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